RACY maybe, TRUE absolutely …!

The Transsexual Escort With Married Clients Who Know Exactly What They’re Buying

Note: Individuals pictured are not the sources of these stories. (Photo: Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos/New York Magazine)

‘At 21, I got breast implants and also did silicone treatments to give my body a more feminine shape. At 22, I was ­castrated—I had my testicles removed to stop the production of testosterone. Around 23 or 24, I had a “tracheal shave” to reduce my Adam’s apple. I’m an extremely passable transsexual’. Most of my clients consider themselves straight. I consider them … bisexual. I don’t consider them gay. They’re attracted to the beauty of a woman, but with something extra down there that doesn’t necessarily make them gay, yet it doesn’t make them straight, either. That’s the taboo of it all. You see a beautiful woman, a perfect body, but then, surprise, there’s something different. I’ve had men ask me to put on weird heels, like “This is my wife’s.” Probably 80 percent of them are married. I’m not a big fan of marriage. – – continue Reading HERE

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