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NEW ‘Inked’ Issue Out with Angelique Houtkamp


Chris Brown ‘Snapback’

by ©Diary of a Lazy Kid     Snapback or snap out of it?

Chris Brown seen donning the fashionable ‘snapback’ cap ‘G’ = To be gangster.   Recent research shows I am not G. But does that mean I have to accept a life of buttoned-up shirts, denim jeans and your quintessential Topman pumps? I don’t think so. .. – – more Read

WTF is this suppose to be ALL about …?

I think MADdonna thought it was time for some of  ‘Big Daddy’s’ Kane +topped by  Naomi Campbell’s licorice

by ©1dayrobot’s Blog

….Guess Celebrities Really do get bored with ALL that Money, Sex & Rockin’ Rollin’, oh Brother …!