OMG …back to ‘Jurassic Park’ AGAIN !!

Enough already! Didn’t they KILL All them  damn Dinasours in the last sequel? Or, did they just Downsize the Park to make us sad. Anywhew, Mr. Spielberg and his Ace, Kathleen Kennedy believes we still just can’t get enough of this so called Park, and, they’re  planning to bring the Park back to Life once Again. Whew hoo hoo tidoo. WHATEVER …! Both Steven Spielberg and his longtime production collaborator, Kathleen Kennedy are at it again. The two have been working together ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark which was back in 1981 (where the latter served as an “associate” to Spielberg) and will continue to do so in the future – including on next year’s Lincoln, the still-theoretical Jurassic Park 4, and the already-in-development sequel to Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin adaptation. – – READ MORE


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