Tribal Face Tattoos

Tokyo Tribe, looks inspired by tribal people all over the word with their magnificent face art tattoos and also their outfits… the difference is they do not wear Versace or Yohji Yamamoto… very ethnic so exsotic… again japan did it… and for additional infos that the art of tatto-ing face, you can found it in every continent, except Eroupe maybe, Maori from Polynesia, Egypt and Niger from Africa, Indonesia (Borneo) Japan (Ainu people) Taiwan (Atayal) who live in Asia, Mayan and Ribaktsa from Peru and Brazil. – – courtesy of Deluxshionist


One response to “Tribal Face Tattoos

  1. This is a really interesting post! I love looking at the cultures and fashions of people from various backgrounds – learning what different fashions mean to the different tribes, ethnic groups and people who wear them! So I really loved reading this and seeing the pictures!

    Brilliant post, stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo


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