Party over here ..Heidi & Seal

Heidi Klum and SealThe A-list’s Halloween Costumes By Emma Sells | The A-list got into the spirit of Halloween this weekend and worked some pretty impressive costumes. Rachel Zoe donned a squaw costume, Liv Tyler and Gwen Stefani both appear to be chanelling a very sexy Cat Woman and Anne Hathaway went animal print crazy. Kate Beckinsale put some serious effort into her Bride of Frankenstein costume, complete with oppulent powdered wig, a patent corset and husband Len Wiseman decked out as the monster himself. But winning the best dressed award by miles are Heidi Klum and husband Seal. The duo are notoriously big fans of fancy dress – each year they renew their wedding vows in different costumes and Heidi’s annual Halloween party has seen her dressed as Shiva, the apple from the Garden of Eden (complete with snake) and arrive riding a horse. But we think they may have outdone themselves this time around with their superhero costumes. We suspect Heidi is going to be finding bits of glitter about her person for months to come. – – more on this HERE

See what the stars were wearing here.

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