Celebrating DEBORAH KERR..the Star

Actress, Deborah KerrThe Actor’s Actor, thats who she was. Deborah Kerr has  given us some of the most memorable films in ALL of Hollywood, but I will only refer to my most favorite ones. I begin with “Black Narcissus” 1947 where she play’s a Nun, brilliantly I might ad. And, we get introduced to the Handsome, “Sabu“, love him in all those Jungle films. The next film with Deborah that sticks in my mind is “Seperate Tables” where Miss Kerr played a dowdy young woman, living in the fear of her Mother’s reprisals. Brilliant! Perfectly cast with Wendy Hiller, David Niven, Cathleen Nesbit, Rita Hayworth, Burt Lancaster, Gladys Cooper and Rod Taylor. Lastly is a must see, “The Night of the Iguana” where once again Miss Kerr gave us that Innocent Spinster type, which she always handled so well. Co-stars Richard Burton & Ava Gardner are cast as well. They’ve many, many other of Deborah Kerr Films (I call them ’cause she Ruled) and I assure you, this Actress NEVER disappoints her viewers. Love You Debo…!


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