Daily Archives: September 22, 2011

OMG…someone has ‘Released’ the Cracken

wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong RongHow dare this ‘oddity’ be wearin’ sandals, open toe shoes, flip-flops, slippers or anything that would leave that foot not covered. Some people have a lot-a-nerves. I understand that we can’t ALL be perfectly manicured and ready for public display. But, for the love of God, don’t come out in public, ready to be photographed with a foot lookin’ like this. Miss Thing out ta be fined for being a menace to the public’s eye. Put them bad boys in some closed, no ‘Enclosed’ Pair of shoes, shoe box or somethin’ safe, preferably with a padlock on it. Did I say PAIR, OMG, you don’t think there’s another one of those lurking about. Oh well, I guess I’m headed out to pick up an even ‘darker’ pair of sunglasses cause I definitely don’t want to run into NOTHIN’ in the street lookin’ this tore up from the floor, cruel hoofs. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN…Lord, give me strength.

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