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Some ‘Dish’ for my Fans

Pam was one of four children born to Air Force mechanic Clarence Grier and Gwendolyn Samuels, a nurse. One sister died from cancer in 1990 and the son of that sister committed suicide because of his mother's illness. Pam herself was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 and given 18 months to live which has had an effect on how she has chosen to liveHere it tis’. Did you Guys know that “Pam Grier” aka FOXY BROWN had a true to life ‘Alter-Ego’ by the name of AJITA WILSON, aka ‘George Wilson, Dora DeCarlo etc.’ ? Yes indeed. All the while Miss Pam Grier was making ALL those Hot, Sultry, Hi Grossing  “Blaxploitation” films of the 70s, Ajita Wilson was busy in Europe performing, and I do mean “performing”, in Dozens of very Commercial Porn Films mostly in both Italy and Greece and some other countries included. I just happen to have known the Late ‘Ajita Wilson’ because I Designed some of her Costumes in NYC just before she took off for Europe. When we first met, Dora (as I knew Her) befriended me and now I think it was  mostly because I had just returned from Milan, Italy and I realized  after a while, she had aspirations to go Europe. Often I was bombarded with lots of questions about the People, Places and so on. So. We became somewhat of an acquaintance. ‘Ajita Wilson’ had not taken that name during those times and when she got to Europe is when she made a name change from Dora DeCarlo to Ajita Wilson. This was amongst several other “Changes”!

Dora D., as I used to call her, was quite interesting to say the least. I remember in New York she would call me up to make a Dress for Her if She had a Booking or a Shoot with a Photographer or what have you. She worked as a Model for several Agencies at that time, in New York City  and moon lighted doing other things. I do always remember that ‘Pam Grier’ seemed to be the Person that she like to immolate the most.  Most of the time she was able to pull it off simply because  she was quite tall and very statuesque.  Her success as ‘Ajita Wilson’, Ms. Dora D. enjoyed a tremendous bit of success, ALL over Europe.  Still till this Day, Ajita Wilson remains being a ‘Cult Favorite‘ amongst many Europeans and others. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pam Grier (May 26).

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