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OMG Jesus is Back… Again!

Man Says, Claims to Be Jesus and he’s accompanied by Mary Magdalene. Even better, they’re both “Australians” and ‘New Jesus’ already has a Website. Miraculous!
Alan John Miller, Mary Suzanne Luck Claim To Be Jesus And Mary Magdalene. Miller, 47, and Luck, 32, have drawn in between 30 and 40 disciples since moving to the Wilkesdale region of Queensland in 2007, the Courier Mail reports.

the New Jesus is Austrailian, must be because ALL that trouble in the Middle East He had to head South.So the New Jesus is Austrailian heh. Must be because ALL that trouble in the Middle East He had to head South. Too Bad “Australian Jesus” resembles ‘Charlie Manson‘ or He might have been a little more convincing, to at least some of those bone heads out there. But. I don’t think even with ALL the PR, “New Jesus” is gonna Get Over.

Maybe they need to Promote ‘New Jesus’ through a better Agency and a Better ‘Catch Phrase’. This gimmick ain’t workin’ for me.

How about  a “Gay Jesus” with a Black Lover Who Re-incarnates, Converts, Saves and can Dance really, really good? Ummmmm.

Or, better yet. Let’s just finally Reveal ‘New Jesus” as being A BLACK MAN then maybe and finally Everyone will BELIEVE and Begin WORSHIPING Jesus without trepidation. How about that?

Black Jesus

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