Top 10 Living Celebrity Druggies

Casa Palmera is based upon a holistic approach to healing.

“..Gee I’ve been polishing this pot two days now and it’s starting to Look like Glass”

This information is based on ‘Casa Palmera‘, a Holistic Drug Treatment Center based in Del Mar, California. I guess nothing is “sacred” even if you are a *STAR. Supposedly they have an “Innovative” approach to healing. Yippeeeee am Sure! This is astounding how forgiving we’ve ALL become about this discussion. Yet, it seems to effect the Poor, the Middle Class and The Wealthy entirely different.  At least in the past twenty (20) years or so. Guess Betty Ford created this Monster and so everyone has become ‘used to the lifestyle’. Except if you’re poor, ignorant and unknown! I have Listed some of the Folks You might be familiar with in light of their “Fall from Grace”.

Here we  with the TOP 10  …… >>

#10 Eddie Van Halen (Alcohol, Cocaine, Meth)

#9 Yasmine Bleeth (Cocaine, Meth)

#8 Nicole Richie (Alcohol, Heroin, Marijuana, Vicodin)

#7 Kate Moss (Cocaine)

#6 Gary Busey (Alcohol, Cocaine, GHB)

#5 Nick Nolte (Alcohol, GHB)

#4 Courtney Love (Heroin, Oxycontin)

#3 Drew Barrymore (Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana)

#2 Whitney Houston (Cocaine, Marijuana)

#1 Robert Downey Jr. (Alcohol , Cocaine, Heroin, Valium)

…..more Further DETAILS

©Pic Courtesy of The Fashionable Housewife

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