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Jimi Hendrix film release

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André André 3000 BenjaminAndré “André 3000″ Benjamin is playing Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic. Here’s a first look at the Outkast in character

Royal baby memorabilia delivers a ‘boy’

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most terrifying royal baby memorabilia

Here’s the weirdest/most terrifying royal baby memorabilia as seen on Etsy, eBay and beyond.

James Bond style goes AWOL New exhibit

AN exhibition to celebrate 50 years of James Bond style opened yesterday at barbican.org.uk.

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James Bond has taught us it’s that behind every great spy is a great tailor. A new exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre explores the Bond style of the suave secret agent, displaying costumes, props, set pieces and design drawings from half a century of 007 films. Assembled with help from the films’ producer, EON Productions – which has a new Bond movie to Continue reading

Ok, here it tis’, My Next Vacation, Paradise.

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Please Don’t Hate Me…wish You were there too! Dream it, Believe it and it will Happen.

Some WARHOL Polaroids

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Artist Portraits of some Artist

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Kanye, Diddy and Jay-Z depicted as 17th Century Noblemen in in street artist Kai’s opening, “Now Royalty.” – - Click for more portraits.

Painting and Flamenco join Alejandro López

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Alejandro López is a young talented dancer of Flamenco with blood of artist, of Mexican nationality who is writing with firm steps ascending career currently participates in “Aires de Triana” He also maintains successful fusion of various artistic disciplines. With his dance achieves transmitted through their movements, a rain of feelings; Love and indifference, despair and calm, as well as also joy and pain.  Read more…

Display of this Years Olympics

Promotional posters for the London 2012 British artists

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The Irriplacable ‘Quentin Crisp’

Denis Charles Pratt was born in Sutton, Surrey, the fourth child of solicitor Spencer Charles Pratt (1871–1931) and former governess Frances Marion Pratt (née Phillips) (1873–1960); he changed his name to Quentin Crisp in his third decade after leaving home and cultivating his outlandishly effeminate appearance to a standard that both shocked contemporary Londoners and provoked homophobic attacks. By his own account, Crisp was effeminate in behaviour from an early age and found himself the object of teasing at Kingswood Preparatory School in Epsom, from where he won a scholarship to Denstone College, Uttoxeter, in 1922. After leaving school in 1926, Crisp studied journalism at King’s College London, but failed to graduate in 1928, going on to take art classes at the Regent Street Polytechnic. Around this time, Crisp began visiting the cafés of Soho – his favorite being The Black Cat in Old Compton Street – meeting other young homosexual men and rent-boys, and experimenting with make-up and women’s clothes. For six months he worked as a male prostitute, looking for love, he said in a 1999 interview, but finding only degradation. – - Find out more

An Amazing Artist, ‘Alan Coulson’

When I saw this Painting for the first time, I thought is was a photograph. Please enjoy some other works by Coulson: Here.

Latoya by Alan Coulson 2011.

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Picture on Pictures about Picture

Story about a mod London photographer seems to find something very suspicious in the shots he has taken of a mysterious beauty in a desolate park. – - ©ourtesy of bbook reblogged goodtimeforpie:

DirectorMichelangelo Antonioni WritersMichelangelo Antonioni (story), Julio Cortázar (short story “Las babas del diablo”), and 3 more credits »

StarsDavid HemmingsVanessa Redgrave and Sarah Miles ::

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They are ‘Still’ Questions…?

Controversial Princess Diana Film ‘Unlawful Killing’ Will Debut at Cannes

By Sharon Knolle (Subscribe @ blog.moviefone.com)<

“Screening this film in Cannes for the world’s media will be both exhilarating and terrifying for me,” Allen tells the London newspaper The Guardian. “[The movie] is not about a conspiracy before the crash, but a provable conspiracy after the crash,” Allen says. “[It's] a conspiracy organized not by a single scheming arch-fiend, but collectively by the British establishment –- judges, lawyers, politicians, police chiefs, secret services, even newspaper editors.”
Lady Diana Spencer

R.I.P. Princess Diana Spencer